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Grooming, Promotions & Career Growth

Of all the things under the sun, what is one aspect that people are generally ready to be fooled by? It is Appearance! Believe me or not, the cover attracts, and attracts in plenty. It is a world of advertising and show offs.

My concern here is about the success strategies of people across the world. We keep hearing a word called "personality" very often. Personality constitutes both the inside and the outside of a person. What I am writing about now is the outside.

Look at all successful people in different fields. Do you see something in common about the "outside" of personality? You will notice they are all groomed according to their profession. A successful businessman would be mostly seen in a suit, but also in nice business casuals when he is out there having fun. The sportsman would mostly be seen as a fit and sporty person, but wearing those designer formals in award ceremonies. The singer has her own image, so does the corporate professional.

When I advise people on grooming, the first question I ask is, "Who are you? What do you do? What do you want to become?"

These questions are the foundation to the kind of grooming that you would require. Image consultants are running successful businesses because they help you with a look that could make you immensely successful and rich! The say "dressed to kill" for reasons, don't they?

Most people who consult me are not sure what they should wear. So when I am coaching a software professional who sees himself as the CTO of the company, I tell him to start dressing like one. I show him photographs and videos of such people, how they dress, walk and talk. Not that one needs to imitate the other, but watch and learn why they are admired from the appearance perspective.

When I was reading this book called "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell, I discovered some interesting facts that he has mentioned in his unique style of writing. One such fact was that tall, white men were more successful than short, black men. Men were more successful than women. Human beings are generally biased even if they don't want to! Not that short, black men or women would not be successful, there are exceptions, and yes, as stated in the book, they are exceptions. By the way, these are not comments, but based on research. Read the book if want to know more.

Now, my height, skin colour and gender is not under my control (I am not sure how much science has progressed to transform people into other colours and genders, and I am not interested, I am happy the way I have been created by God). However, what is under my control to a large extent is my fitness, and my outer appearance. So, from a particular point of time in my life, I have seen faster growth for myself. That was from the time I started giving importance to my image and grooming. My personal experience tells me assertively that image matters.

Just a little warning here though, please remember that only appearance is not going to make you successful. It is one of the many important factors.

So how are you dressed today?


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