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About Us


Increase access to high quality learning programs for everyone.

Continuous endeavour to improve through research and development of better learning experiences.


Career Skills Coach is a brand owned by Zyanar Enterprises. The brand was founded in 2006 by Zubin Rashid, the present CEO of Zyanar Group of Businesses.


From a Classroom Training model, Career Skills Coach has transformed and evolved with time and changes, and has become both an offline and online learning service provider.


We aim to support individuals, groups and companies at all stages of development.


Zyanar was founded by Zubin Rashid, who is the present CEO of the organisation.


His entrepreneurship journey started when he was 18 years old and when he was still in college. From running an event management start-up in his teenage years to experimenting with various business ideas, he is an ideator and a seasoned entrepreneur.


Business networking is his passion, and writing is his hobby. He is an Author and a Public Speaker.


He has got his education from IIM Calcutta, Harvard University, MIT and UCB. As a keen learner, he reads books, articles, magazines and goes through various online and offline courses regularly.

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