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Do you have the Ability to take Risks?

Risk is not just a word, it is something people generally want to get away from. But not those who understand what risk actually means.

When people talk about security in career, perhaps an inherent thought process is about securing the right job in a financially strong organization. However, the financial meltdowns and the now evident bursting of bubbles has proved the absence of any guaranteed security. What is security anyway? How can people take risks?

Let us take a situation of being stressed with a lot of work (honestly so!) because you are unable to say no to your boss. I have heard so many people complaining of this one challenge they face in life. When I tell them to say an assertive and polite no, they fume back at me saying there is so much risk attached to that "no". What is the worst thing that can happen? You would be fired from your job? Do you think it is that easy to be fired just for using your right to say no?

I was never afraid of losing my job. Not because I had rich parents or a big financial back up. It was because I have always been confident of my abilities, that I could get another job if the worst would happen. Just to let you know the facts, I have never been fired from a job. You cannot fire a performer that easily? What if you are not a performer? Well, then you have to become one first!

As human beings we are afraid. We are afraid to talk at times, and then afraid of spoiling relationships, afraid of losing our dear ones, afraid of losing our jobs, and what not!

I remember when I decided to leave my job and start my training business, people reacted with awe! "How can you leave such a well-paying job and go into something you are not sure of?" "You are in such good position here, why do you want to leave it?" "I think you would be getting a promotion this year, you should have a second thought!"

Nonetheless, I took the plunge, and believe me the risk paid off. Today I hear very positive comments from those same people. "Only you could do it!" "You did the right thing, I am still stuck up in my job, you have any opening in your company?" "I just don't have the guts to leave my job and take that kind of risk you know!"

I am pretty confident that taking risks in various situations is one of the qualities that makes a person successful. Insecure people will always advise you to stay away from risks, while if you talk to any real successful person, you will be advised to take risks. What risks? Well, that is for you to decide! And remember, successful people do not blame others for their failures when they take risks, instead they move on and counter difficulties, take more risks, till they achieve what they want. By the way, they are also the happiest when they live, and when they die!

So, Happy Risk Taking!

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