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Who is a Career Skills Coach?

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

A Career Skills Coach is a person with knowledge on skills required to achieve success in different careers and the ability to recognize the areas of improvement in an individual and work on them to improve.

If you go to a Career Skills Coach, he would first understand your aspirations, your career objectives. He would help you do a self-analysis. Once you have chosen a career path, he would guide you to develop your skills to succeed in that career path. He can remain a constant guide for you as long as you would need him.

A Coach has the most important objective of ensuring improvement in performance of an individual. Its more than plain counseling. Coaching not only covers counseling, but it also goes to the level of helping you with the action steps. He is there by your side. He pushes you to limits. He makes you believe in yourself. He makes you plan. He makes you to take action. He makes you perform and achieve.

You can take the help of a coach at any point of time in your career. If you are to begin a career, this would be the best time to go to a coach. If you are already in a career and don’t seem to rise as fast as you would like, you could take the opinion and guidance of a career skills coach. If you are planning to change careers, that would also be a good time to go to the coach.

There are some common skills that we hear or read about. For example, communication skills, teamwork skills, leadership skills, presentation skills, decision making skills. However, each career would require a different balance of skills. Communication and presentation would be prominent skills required for the profession of a sales person facing customers, however, analytical skills and creativity would be more important for a person designing marketing strategies. This information and followed by a fast transformation is what a career skills coach can help you with.

A Career Skills Coach can work with you either face-to-face, through the telephone or even video-conferencing and chat. It does not matter where you are and where the coach is. In today’s world of intelligent communication, all that is required is to take a step ahead towards a successful career. The investment in a Coach could give you greater rewards than you can imagine.


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