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Fundamentals of Public Speaking and Presentation Skills (2 Days)

You will learn the 4 pillars on which a presentation or speech stands. Practice sessions through video recording and feedback will transform you into an impactful speaker and presenter. Important elements that would be covered during the program are:


  • Improving your Body Language, Posture and Gestures

  • Creating a crisp yet effective PowerPoint presentation

  • Analysing your Audience and Dealing with Questions

  • Keeping your nerves and Speaking Confidently

Professor Lecturing on Stage

Advanced Public Speaking and Presentation Skills (2-3 Days)

This program begins with the fundamentals but moves you to the next level of being a powerful speaker who can move and stir the audience to take action. The most important elements covered are:

  • Power Dressing and Body Language, Postures, Gestures

  • Visual Impacts – PowerPoint and beyond

  • Answering tough Questions Confidently

  • Platform Skills – Movement to create Impact

  • Content – The Foundation that moves the Audience

  • Examples of Powerful Speeches and Presentations

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