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L&D Professional - Online Coaching Program

Do you want to become a Learning & Development Professional? Do you want to move up the ladder to a position of higher responsibility in the Training / L&D Department? Do you want to learn about the latest practices in L&D and how it is becoming a business partner function?

Over the years situations and circumstances have changed, the learning function has evolved, and employees in the Training / L&D Departments have had to upgrade their skills and competencies. From merely being a cost center, this function is moving to a business partner role, like HR.

You need to be equipped with certain competencies, skills and knowledge to be able to succeed in a role in the Training / L&D function. You need to adapt to the changed circumstances and environment. You need to move from merely being a training provider to a strategic partner to the business.

Program Leader/Trainer: Zubin Rashid (

Author of the book: Learning and Development: from cost center to business partner

Zubin Rashid is an International L&D Expert with a career spanning more than 20 years, and has worked and consulted with top multinationals in the world in various countries including India, UK, Germany, Austria and Malaysia. He is the Founder and CEO of Career Skills Coach, IndoEuroNet and Pages&Minds. He is a board member, and advises and speaks at various forums on L&D interventions. Companies he has worked with / consulted include Mercedes Benz, Tech Mahindra, Cognizant, Tata Power, Tata Chemicals, Aditya Birla companies, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, Sandvik, Hoerbiger, Icunet Germany, British Telecom, Atos, Alstom, GE, Paharpur Cooling Towers, Balrampur Chini, India Power, Boston Consulting Group, Arcelor Mittal, Godrej, Greenlam, Pantaloons, Birla Tyres, L&T, Max Life, Blue Dart, and many more.

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Eligibility: Executive in an organisation in HR or L&D role, Trainers, Student in HR specialization, Anyone interested in learning about Learning & Development and Training function.


Number of Sessions: 12 Sessions (2 Sessions per week for 6 weeks) + 1 optional Bonus Session (How to Get a Job in L&D)


Duration of each Session: 75 minutes

Investment: Rs. 24,500/= (Rupees Twenty Four Thousand and Five Hundred only) all inclusive

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What you will get from this coaching program:

  • Equip yourself with the knowledge of the latest best practices in the L&D domain

  • Build the competencies that companies are looking for in an L&D Professional

  • Know how to connect business goals with training goals and calculate ROI

  • Learn about the latest in systems and learning technology

  • Get to know about various Learner Engagement Tools and Techniques

  • Find out how to ensure Learning Transfer and Application

  • BONUS SESSION: Learn how to get a job in L&D


Session 1: Competencies for L&D Professionals

This introductory session will take you through the required competencies for L&D Professionals. A self test on Business Knowledge will help you understand what information you must know and what knowledge you must have to succeed in this profession. You will also get an overview of what you will learn in the next sessions and how you have to prepare for each.

Session 2: Organisational Performance Analysis

A prerequisite for an L&D Professional is to understand the concept of Organisational Performance Analysis. We will take a look at a basic framework of organisation analysis and organisation change process.

Session 3: Learning Strategy and Stakeholder Management

In this session we will explore some key questions on learning strategy and what an organisation needs to focus on to foster a learning culture. We will walk through a five step process of stakeholder management which is about engaging and managing senior stakeholder buy-in for the L&D strategy and process.

Session 4: ROI - Linking Business Goals to Training Goals

Aligning learning needs to business requirements by identifying business challenges and goals is part of this session. Business drivers are to be linked to training and benefits to the organisation are to be documented based on the learning points in this session.

Session 5: Career and Learning Trajectories: Learning Journey

Inculcating accountability through career and learning trajectories would be the key point of discussion in this session. Linking learning to performance goals, designing a learning journey that includes experiential, social and formal learning processes, would form the learning journey.

Session 6: Enhancing Learner Engagement

This session covers the important aspect of enhancing learner engagement through real, relatable, relevant and just-in-time interventions that spread through various methods, interactions and feedback mechanism.

Session 7: Learning Delivery

Creating a learner-centric experience through the course elements, relevance of content, delivery medium, including L&D interventions such as fieldwork, digital learning, social learning, on-th-job coaching and short workshops.

Session 8: Systems and Learning Technology

We explore various learning technology options in this session. The common challenge of availability of employees to attend training is addressed in this session by looking at how technology can improve learner experience and retention and application of learning.

Session 9: Sustaining Continuous Learning

As part of the learning journey, there are certain techniques and interventions that can support learners in sustaining continuous learning, instead of one learning event that does not yield high returns. We will look at these in this session.

Session 10: Learning Transfer and Application

Evaluation methods and tools to analyse learning transfer and application would be discussed in this session. This would include aspects of engagement and support of the reporting managers and accountability of relevant stakeholders in ensuring learning transfer and application.

Session 11: Return on the Learning Investment

This session focuses on identifying outcomes based metrics for the individual, team and organisation. We will explore criteria for measurement and baseline data to measure impact of the learning interventions.

Session 12: Evaluation Session

The Evaluation Session would be to test the knowledge and application of it in a given learning requirement situation of each participant in the L&D Professional Program.

BONUS SESSION: How to get a job in L&D

Applying for jobs through the traditional methods involve stiff competition and lower chances of converting. We will show you how you can take a different path to applying for L&D jobs irrespective of whether you are a fresher or with some years of experience.

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