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L&D Pro for HR Students

Over the years situations and circumstances have changed, the learning function has evolved, and employees in the Training / L&D Departments have had to upgrade their skills and competencies. From merely being a cost center, this function is moving to a business partner role, like HR.

You need to be equipped with certain competencies, skills and knowledge to be able to succeed in a role in the Training / L&D function. You need to adapt to the changed circumstances and environment. You need to move from merely being a training provider to a strategic partner to the business.

What you will get from this certificate program:

  • Equip yourself with the knowledge of the latest best practices in the L&D domain

  • Build the competencies that companies are looking for in an L&D Professional

  • Know how to connect business goals with training goals and calculate ROI

  • Learn about the latest in systems and learning technology

  • Get to know about various Learner Engagement Tools and Techniques

  • Find out how to ensure Learning Transfer and Application

  • BONUS SESSION: Learn how to get a job in L&D

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