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Offer your Training on an Online Platform.

Earn Training Fees as a Passive Income.

The Covid pandemic has created a lot of challenges for almost everyone. However, there are companies and individuals for whom this has been a boon. How?

Because of the pandemic, people have got used to online meetings and digital learning platforms. Companies are getting training done through VILT (Virtual Instructor Led Training) and through Video-based learning programs uploaded in online learning websites.

While some platforms would allow you to upload your video-based lectures, they all require some amount of technical know-how. They do not market your training programs. You have to do everything yourself.

As a Trainer, you want to focus on delivering Training. You are a master of your trade. You can design curriculum, develop quality content, and facilitate training programs. It would be best if you can keep your focus on the training part.

We researched and found that most trainers who are trying the DIY online training platforms are finding it challenging to upload the course modules, are having quality issues technically, and are primarily wasting time trying to learn how to upload courses.

This is what led us to design a solution that would take away the stress of getting the courses online and marketing them. What about a partnership? What about a joint venture between the trainer and us? How will that work?

This is how it works:


•    Creates courses and sends them to us.


•    Guide the Trainer on how to develop the courses, and how to easily share them with us.
•    Do a Quality Check and give Feedback to the Trainer, if needed.
•    Upload the courses on our Learning Platform.
•    Publish and make it available for the audience.
•    Do Marketing Campaigns for the courses.
•    Take the payment online from Retail customers/Corporate customers.
•    Send training fees payments monthly to the Trainers.


Yes, we do bulk of the work! We want it to be as easy for the Trainers as possible. In fact, we want Trainers to focus on course creation. More the courses, more the income. No need to think about the back-end, the technology, the marketing. We will do all that.

So, what is the deal?

If you are a Trainer, here are the steps that you need to take:

1.    Register with us as a Trainer.
2.    Create and Send us Courses.
3.    Get your Fees Payments every month.


What about the investments?

We have kept it absolutely simple and transparent.

•    Registration Fees: Rs. 20,000/- Rs. 5,000/-: This is your one-time investment in creating an account with us. We are offering a 75% discount on Registration Fees for the first 50 Registrations or 15th September 2020, whichever comes earlier.

•    Course Upload Fees: Rs. 2,000/- per course: This is a per course fees for each course upload.

What about the Training Fees?


Yes! We will share 50% of the Revenue from your course sales.

For example, if you have one course on our learning platform, and it sells for Rs. 2000 per participant, you will receive 50% of it, that is, Rs. 1000/- per participant.

As stated earlier, we do all the work from maintaining the Learning Platform, do Quality Checks, Market the Courses, do Payment Processing.

How much can you earn?

This is the best part. We can assure you that this would be your best chance to scale as an individual trainer.

If you are doing any Instructor Led Training, you have to physically be present for the training, and you have limited number of hours every day. 

On the other hand, your course is uploaded on our platform. We do the marketing of the courses we have on our platform, both for the retail market, as well as to corporates. If your course gets 10 sales every month, you are not spending any time at all and earning a passive income from those sales!

Here is an example of earning potential:

You have 10 courses uploaded on our learning platform.

Each course gets 10 participants each month.

You get Rs. 1,000/- per participant.

Total Fees for the month = 10 X 10 X 1,000 = Rs. 1,00,000/=

We suggest that you keep creating and uploading more courses. More the number of courses, more the potential to earn.

And, remember, this is all passive income, for lifetime! 

Financial independence! 

Pandemic proof!

How to Register?

Please fill up the form below. We will schedule a call with you. Our Founder will personally call you and discuss this with you. He wants to explain the process and ensure that you understand how this works. Once you are happy with the process and terms, we will proceed with the registration.

All the best!

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