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Business Meeting

Expat Coaching

This is a one-on-one coaching process. The content of the coaching is cutomised based on the needs and the existing knowledge and experience of the expat on the culture of the destination country.


For Expats moving to India from anywhere in the world, and for Expats moving out of India to Germany, Austria or UK, we provide coaching to support in understanding the culture, about day to day life and living, and about various facilities like housing, transportation, shopping, banking, schools, clubs, recreational activities, etc in the destination country where the expat is relocating.

Job Interview

Spouse Coaching

Spouse Coaching is essential in today's world. If the Spouse is moving to a new country, s/he has to understand and blend into the new culture as well.

Our Spouse Coaching is aimed at supporting the spouse of the expat in settling down in the new culture, learn about local job opportunities, schooling for children, safety and security, and other basic facilities like shopping, banking, transportation, clubs, recreational activities, etc in the destination country. We specifically focus on supporting the Spouse in settling in the new environment comfortably.

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