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Team Building Programs


Outbound Teamwork Program

This program is for the whole team. The team stays in a resort, ideally for 2 days, and spends the days playing games, competing, collaborating, discussing, and building solutions. The primary objectives to be achieved are embedded in the design of the program after discussion with the Team Leader or a Senior Stakeholder of the department, division or the company.

Based on the audience profile, the program is designed as highly active or mildly active in terms of the games and activities that are incorporated in the 2 days.

This program can also be designed as a 1 day intervention.


Outbound Team Leadership Program

This program is exclusively for team leaders or those who are in leadership positions. Different programs are designed for different levels of leaders, right from team leaders to senior management.

The intervention design can be a 1 day or 2 days program.

Various aspects of team leadership can be incorporated in the program design, including team building stages, trust building, managing team conflicts, motivating the team members, having a clear vision, communicating effectively with the team, and any other objective that is identified.

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